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Monday, 23 January 2012

3 simple spring cards

i saw a design online somewhere ages ago and saved it, and have given it my interpretation.
i'm trying to build up a batch of cards to go to my charity, and these were simple if not wayyyy over on the girlie side but they look ok to me!

i am trying to improve my 'mat and layering' .... something i find a bit difficult at times.
i have seen a little gizmo HERE but not sure if its worth it? maybe just patience and a steady eye is best!!

here are 2 more similar cards

thanks for stopping by!!

roll on the releases of all the fab new products from cha!!
from tim, dyan, graphic45, wendy vecchi etc .... very exciting!!


  1. OOooo lovely jubbly Tony! Gawjuss as always x

    Hope that lotto come in for us very soon xx

  2. Tony, Do you have a good paper cutter? I have a Carl heavy duty rotary cutter that I really like, though I used to do all my cutting with a Fiskar rotary. Even though the Fiskar was relatively inexpensive, I ran through a couple of them, so it would have been cheaper to buy the Carl the first go around. I did a bit of math the first time to figure out my sizes of layers and made notes to determine the best way to cut them from a sheet. I just reference them when I am getting ready to cut and away I go.

    1. hi there ... i have a large guillotine i use for 12x12 papers, then i trim using a small fiskars 'sliding' cutter. i try to measure my layers from my final piece as they are very often not a uniform size by the time i have embossed or distressed them [the card actually changes size lol!]. i am very frugal when using layers and dont like to waste too much, but i have found that measuring the layer from the edge of the final piece after i have stuck it down seems to work best for me! thats how i did these cards and it seems to be quite even so i might continue to do that. i know i need a nicer trimmer though!
      all the best.

  3. Very nice cards Tony. Wouldn't say they are too girly at all.


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