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Monday, 1 August 2011

very sad day

I am sorry to announce the passing of my beloved Vagabond!!
He died peacefully, with no sign of previous problems.

I am not sure what happened - he just stopped working!!
But the lovely shop I bought it from is arranging for a replacement already!!

Also this week - my phone gave up on me too - I almost lost all my contacts but managed to retrieve them at the last minute!!  I hope to be joining the world of iPhone in the next few months!! Yaaay!

I have been too busy for creativity recently, but I have just got some of HRH T!m's brand new stamps incl. the xmas ones so I will make a start on xmas cards soon!!  Taking a week off for my birthday in 2 weeks so hope I can get very messy then!!

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  1. RIP vagabond! Very sad........ Sounds like you have had a rough few days, how are you coping? Do u need me to come over a take you out for a glass of sherry? Lol!
    Just popping by to thank u for your gorgeous words on my made me very happy to have such a lovely friend like u xx mwah
    Will be back soon to see what you did with those new stamps xx

    Oh and happy birthday xxx


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