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Sunday, 24 June 2012

sussex beacon open day

just been sent this pic of me in action!!! c,")

today was my appearance debut making my cards *live* at the sussex beacon annual 'garden gadabout' open day

i was a bit bad at taking pics but here are a couple from my phone

i was given a big table to set up my gear and display all the cards i took with me.
they sold in no time at all!!
i had to start making more cards to replace the ones i sold and they went as soon as i made them!
i had hoped that people would like to make a card with me but most were just passing through as there are a lot of gardens to view this weekend!  but even a lovely lady who is an actress in eastenders [apparently lol] and a supporter of the sussex beacon kindly bought 4 from me!!

i am delighted that we made well over £6o today!!
and the other stalls made a significant amount of money too.  well done to them all
there were lovely ladies making and selling jewellery and a very special lady who makes unique baby clothing [link to]

the time went very quickly and i met some lovely people.

i came home cardless and my gear is still in bags ... it will have to wait til it gets put away!! lol .... i only took a fraction of my stash but it still weighed a ton!!!

i have been asked to make them a stash more cards as they sell very quickly! so i'm gonna be inky for some time now!!
christmas is my next large scale production!

a huge thank you again to country view crafts and craft obsessions for donating so many goodies.

i also left behind some plain and patterned card from my stash and some double sided tape and embellies so that the patients might enjoy making a card themselves sometime.


  1. Glad you had such a great day raising lots of money for a worthy cause!
    Well done!
    Aly :o)

  2. Well done Tony such an achievement and so kind of you to make so many cards. Lovely that they are appreciated so much too, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Tracy x

  3. You superstar!! So proud of you and for such a great cause! I will have a sherry in your honour xx mwah x

  4. Well done to you. Glad it was a success and happy inking for the next batch...looks like you gonna be busy!

  5. Congratulations on your successful day Tony, glad to hear that you did a brilliant job and raised money for the charity too. Sounds like you will need to make more cards for the next event :)

    Jill x

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time of it, doing my happy dance for you :>) You are looking mighty fine in action too.

    The sentiment you like is from:
    Nature's Discovery, Tim Holtz, Imagination........

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. barb


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