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Sunday, 19 June 2011

a rare blog from me!

I am afraid I havn't been blogging much recently!  Most of the cards I have been making recently are for charity and not what I would call as 'creative', because they have been mostly Kanban pre-format toppers and cardstock that I am using up.  The charity shop is very happy to take tham and they seem to be selling well so i am continuing to churn them out!

I did buy some very nice toppers from QVC recently of the dress designs by Travilla ... he designed the costumes and dresses for many leading actresses in the Golden Age of Hollywood!!  Included in them is the ivory dress famously worn by Marilyn Monroe standing over that subway grate enjoying the breeze that has just sold today for around £3.5 MILLION!!!!!
I will be keeping that one for a very special card I think!!

Finally for now ... has anyone else bought the new mini Easel TH die???  I have eagerly waited for this die for ages and it is just perfect for displaying tags ... especially if they are a bit 'floppy' [eg this one i made from grungepaper so it was very floppy!! lol].  I am sure that was hrh tim's reason for this design anyway! Highly recommended!

aaahhh thats better ... a bit of grunge to end on!!


  1. Wow! Really classy cards!
    Cool textures:)

  2. Fabulous cards and images and I love the steampunk tag. Tracy x

  3. Ooooo you naughty man! I need another die now lolXxx love the grunge it rocks xxx


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