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Friday, 15 July 2011

keep calm

i had a bit of a day today ......
last night when doing my online banking i discovered i had lost my blimmin wallet!!
after cancelling my card and worrying all night, i went and reported it lost at the police station today and also asked at all the shops i had been in ... no luck.
THEN when i got home this evening i pasted a little sign at the main door of our flats --- just on the off-chance that someone had found it ....
WOULD YOU BELIEVE 10 minutes later a lovely neighbour knocked and delivered my wallet complete with cash!! I had dropped it in the stairway of our flats!!!!!!!

That is what i call luck!!!

To express my gratitude i made them this little offering [they are a bit goth/alternative with a gorgeous baby that wears skull and crossbones already!! love it!] .... oh and i gave them the cash from my wallet as i had resigned myself to losing it anyway!!


  1. That was lucky! Eek! Lovely make :) Kim

  2. What nice honest people, I think its a shame that we find this sort of thing an amazing ocurance rather than the norm though..........still, they deserve your lovely card and the cash for more baby stuff.


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