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Sunday, 25 March 2012

cc101 days 1 -5

i joined up late in the week for tim's chreative chemistry 101 online classes
but i am so glad i did!!  such fun!

the first picture is samples 1 - 3 for day 2

this picture is only 2 of the 3 projects for day 3 ... i am waiting for delivery of supplies!! [dont let me start on that one .... i have undelivered packages from 8th march sitting in brighton sorting office as they have had staff problems and been unable to deliver!!!  frickin shocking is all i can say!!]

day 4 and i am behind with my homework!!  hope to complete more this evening!

day 5 also has 2 more samples to be made

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  1. Tony they are truely amazing. Well done you. So loving Prof Tim and CC101. Don't get me started on the Post office.


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