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Saturday, 20 October 2012

you make my day brighter

2 more almost identical offerings using sue wilson's original as my inspiration.
i found it difficult to find a] a nice soft peach coloured card and b] some nice soft peach ribbon to match, so these have become a little brighter than expected lol.
but hey they are a bit cute eh?
i'm doing multiples of each card now so that i can give more to the charity.
i will be doing even more when i can as i have been told i might have to go into the Sussex Beacon myself soon for a little break .... not been at my best recently!
so i'll have more payback to do!! lol!
we'll see


  1. Beautiful cards - the embossing folder is stunning and I like the colours - especially like the ribbon. Sorry to hear you are not 'at your best' - hope things improve for you soon. Elizabeth

    PS: I've been nipping in and reading your posts but as my health has taken a bit of a dip I have to rest a lot and don't always comment - but rest assured, you are not baying to the moon :))

  2. Hello, your cards are very elegant and I love the peach tones ...they are unusual and make a change. I hope your health improves soon. Wishes, Suzanne

  3. cor, another gorgeous creation Tony, I am not a peach lover (bad experience as a bridesmaid, left mentally scarred for life lol) so I loves the orangey tones... soz to hear you're not feeling peachy yourself though... sending a big ol' hug xx

  4. Hi Tony stunning,and as sue would this sings to me,it is very difficult to find a nice soft peach,the ccolour you have used is great,

  5. Saw a post asking if anyone still reads this.. of course we do!


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