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Monday, 9 May 2011

OCD? ... my craft area

Here is a peek into my world; my room where I live and sleep and craft!

I have been told that having a teeny touch of OCD [obsessive/compulisive disorder] can sometimes be a good thing - especially when it comes to organising my craft area!
I only have a small rented room in a flat so my craft stuff has to be organised and not take up too much room, so I put up some shelves for my inks and bottles ...

[It hides behind the curtain when not in use!]
I added hooks for hanging bits underneath and tissue tape down the sides, also clips to hold my blending tools on the left side too.

Believe it or not this is my craft desk!!  I found a second hand drop-leaf kitchen table at a furniture store, which has been fabaroonie 'cos it is melamine and any mess just washes off!!  The black-edged square thing is an offcut of wood that i taped [a couple of] my non stick craft sheet too so i just whip that out when i need it!  Beloved Vagabond sitting in pride of place! ... question still bugging me though ... to add the stickers or not? hmmmm...

This is my growing collection of dies and stamps ... I do like everything to be organised!

This little beauty is a recent find on ebay -- a vintage dymo with loads of tapes in a box for £4.99!!!!!!  They appear quite a lot so worth looking out for.


  1. Ok Im breathing into a paper bag!! I am so gonna have to get me one of those dymo machines!!!
    And yes I would say you are a little OCD, but in the nicest of ways lol, I think your toes would curl if you saw the pit I work in but it is a nice pit!
    thanks for sharing


  2. Wow I love it, I like a lovely organised space. Must admit I have a little of OCD, I am always re organising my space. Love how organised your space is. Tracy x


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