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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

taking a break

I might take a break from posting photos of my cards for a while, but I will continue to make them.

It has bothered me that comments have been left that I am making exact copies of Sue Wilson's cards and that it could 'infringe copyright'.

As I always make it clear in every post I publish, I  duplicate Sue's designs as they are so beautiful and I really enjoy the process of following instructions, but I am not good at designing myself.  I donate all of my cards to charity at a great personal expense, and over years Sue's designs have helped achieve a huge amount of income [£thousands] for my charity of which I am very grateful.

I do not understand why people have to comment in such negative ways.  I thought the point of the crafting community was to be encouraging and supportive.  personally I would never leave a negative comment to anyone -- I keep my thoughts to myself!

Service may be resumed when I've cooled down a bit lol!!

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