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Sunday, 15 February 2015


This card was demo'd by Sue Wilson on her recent tv appearance and she blogged it with full instructions recently.
I just love the use of vellum over the background to soften the look.
The stamped focal image is an absolute perfect fit for the matching die.  I would not have thought about colouring over the glittered surface ... it works really well.


  1. Oh Tony that is very beautiful,I missed Sues shows,I am back in hospital,I have had some medication put into my spine for the pain,I was 6 hours in the theatre,,your card has cheered me up,thank you

  2. Am intrigued that you copy Sue's designs to the letter. Is that not an infringement of her copyright? I do know she has said in the past that it is ok to imitate her
    designs but the pierced edgings she does is her 'signature'. Do you make it clear that your card is an exact copy? I also sell cards based on Sue's designs but never an exact replica.

    1. if you read my posts you will see that I ALWAYS credit Sue for her designs. I don't think she has 'copyrights' on her designs -- anything openly posted to the public is done so for the very purpose of reproduction. I don't 'sell' my cards -- I donate them to charity.
      Sue is a friend of mine and is very supportive to me with my charity work.

    2. also ... why would Sue make detailed instructional videos and written descriptions of how she makes a card if she was not willing to allow reproduction? If you listen to her she tells people how to copy her designs. Similarly others such as Tim Holtz encourage people to replicate their work. It is a teaching aid and greatly appreciated by people like me who have absolutely no designing abilities! lol!

  3. Don’t let the insensitive and ill-informed grind you down mate. Your interpretation of Sue’s projects are a credit to both you and your charity.. Keep up the good work mate.


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